Women in Construction Week Stories: Kellan

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This week marks Women in Construction Week, and we are excited to share stories from a few of our female employee-owners, who represent 18% of our Catamount team – double the industry average of 9.1%!

Kellan is a Senior Estimator, based out of our Denver office.

What are you most proud of doing in your career?

Still to be determined.

What unique skills do you think women bring to the AEC industry?

I think just a different mix of ideas and experiences. People across the company – whether women or men – all have different backgrounds, interests, and experiences that make for a unique skillset for the industry.

Who has been your strongest industry advocate or mentor? What has it meant to you to have them be a part of your career progression? 

So many people just ran through my head. There have been people I look up to from afar such as Shaun Fratangelo and Kerry Smith with Baker Concrete in South Florida. Both who were pivotal in the career growth I experienced with Baker and the responsibility they entrusted to me. Forever grateful for my time spent with them.

Others have directly influenced my day-to-day through conversations and advice. Whose opinion you value is invaluable. To me, it is always more about how you treat people and the integrity people hold than “how can I be a better estimator”. I think if you get the first part right the second part will follow. With my short time thus far at Catamount – Ellen Towne has been this direct influence for me.

I am grateful for them being part of my career growth, and recognize you will not always meet people who are willing to go above and beyond to help.

What is the best advice you have received in your career?

Build Bridges not Walls ….very fitting for construction.

It’s about connecting with people, understanding talents, and utilizing resources.