Women in Construction Week Stories: Alison

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This week marks Women in Construction Week, and we are excited to share stories from a few of our female employee-owners, who represent 18% of our Catamount team – double the industry average of 9.1%!

Alison is an Assistant Superintendent, currently working on a large multifamily project in Aurora, CO.

What are you most proud of doing in your career?

I find that I am most proud of the instances in my career in which I have succeeded when faced with challenges outside my comfort zone.  It is easy to become complacent and comfortable in a position, but true growth happens when you allow (or force!) yourself to choose a more difficult path.

What unique skills do you think women bring to the AEC industry?

Encouraging diversity and including people of all backgrounds is important in any industry.  I recently read a study that showed generally diversifying your team can increase productivity 35%, and that gender-diverse companies are 25% move likely to achieve above average profitability. Women excel in both multi-tasking and collaboration, and can bring a unique perspective to all roles in the AEC industry.

Who has been your strongest industry advocate or mentor? What has it meant to you to have them be a part of your career progression? 

The person who has contributed most to my career growth is a PM I worked with named Randy Thall.  Randy provided me with guidance and served as a daily role model.  He not only shared his knowledge and life experiences with everyone on our team, he supported my professional development as much as he supported my male peers. It was very obvious to me that he valued my abilities and willingness to learn, and encouraged me to pursue goals outside my comfort zone.  I am very thankful to have had him as a role model and mentor. I hope in the future to have the knowledge and skillset that would allow me to mentor other women in construction.

What is the best advice you have received in your career?

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.